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How is advanced ceramics made?

As a material of advanced ceramics, its structure and performance are closely related to the preparation process. Therefore, it is very important to understand and master its preparation process and the required preparation technology.

Advanced ceramics must take many measures in the preparation, molding and sintering of powders, and control the microstructure of the material in order to obtain advanced ceramic products with excellent performance. For advanced ceramics, the sintering process is accompanied by multiple factors such as densification, grain growth, grain boundary formation, and pore size changes, and these factors interfere with each other, making the performance of the final sintered product not only related to the sintering process , And it is also closely related to the properties of the burnt green body and powder. This shows that the performance of advanced ceramic materials is highly dependent on the process.

The preparation process of advanced ceramics mainly includes the synthesis of original powder, product molding, sintering, processing and inspection. The following is the usual process flow diagram of advanced ceramic materials.

Advanced ceramic molding methods: generally dry pressing, isostatic pressing, injection molding, extrusion molding, etc.
Sintering is a key step in the manufacture of ceramic materials. Through sintering, the material not only becomes dense, but also obtains mechanical properties such as considerable strength and various other functional properties. Since sintering is carried out between solid phases or between solid phase and liquid phase, the sintering process is very complicated because the parameters such as density, crystal grain and pore size change simultaneously and influence each other.

The processing methods of advanced ceramics mainly include: cutting, grinding, finishing, special processing and other methods.



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