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Process innovation

Dahuang ink has been the world's ceramic world recognized global problems, Europe as the birthplace of ceramic inkjet technology, has also been in the process of developing red ink encountered difficulties. At the beginning of the year, Hongyu Group announced the successful development of the red ink; then at the end of May at the Guangzhou Ceramic Industry Exhibition, the Yangtze pigments also exhibited its own research and development of the parcel red ink, wrapped bright yellow ink and other products.

In the middle of April, by the Italian company and Guangdong Bo Hui Hui Hui Electrical and Mechanical joint construction of the dry milling project in Dongpeng Zibo production base successfully land production, and through acceptance. Then in the Guangzhou Industrial Exhibition, dry milling process because of its energy saving, emission reduction effect has been widely concerned. In September, China Ceramic Drying Powder Engineering Technology Center was established to promote the national dry powder; and in the Ministry of Industry issued the "Building Materials Industry Development Plan (2016 - 2020)" and the China Building Materials Association and the China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association The introduction of the "thirteen five" energy-saving emission reduction standards ", the dry powder process as the industry to promote the project. And will be implemented in the Zibo producing areas of centralized milling project, dry powder is also one of the key process.

In addition to the style and color of the innovation, glazed effect of this year's breakthrough point, companies began to consider the use of multiple technology stack to enhance the added value of the product. In the Guangzhou Industrial Exhibition, all kinds of effects glaze and functional ink at home and abroad to become the main glaze ink company display products. Dry glaze, glaze, glaze, glaze, glaze, glaze, glaze, glaze, glaze, glaze, glaze and so on. In addition, the infiltration of ink display also let the industry there was a "infiltration hot", many brands have begun trial, more enterprises in the second half launched a "porcelain throw" products.



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